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JP Heating & Air Conditioning’s most frequently asked questions

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You should inspect your filter every month, replacing or cleaning a reusable filter will keep your furnace running at peak efficiency.

Your air filter will be located either in the blower compartment of your furnace, or in an attached filter case. If you cannot find your filter, call us at 269-345-1843.

Newer homes are now being built with programmable Thermostats. These usually have a battery backup for the background light to run.

Check out our video page or call and ask one of our friendly staff at 269-345-1843

It is not necessary to cover the outdoor unit, especially if you have a heat pump that runs throughout the year. Covering the unit may trap moisture which can cause damage. If you have a problem with leaves or debris in the fall, short covers are available as an optional accessory.

Zoning systems can program heating and cooling to work at different temperatures in different zones of your house. This is ideal for rooms or floors that you don’t use or if different members of the family like to be warmer or colder when they sleep.

If you’re looking to heat or cool a three-season porch, or an added-on room that does not have duct work, a mini-split may be a great choice. Call us at 269-345-1843 to learn more about a Fujitsu Mini-Split system.

Yes, we offer special financing options with approved credit.  Please call us at 269-345-1843 to find out what current promotional offers are available.

The manufacturer recommends a yearly check on your furnace and a/c unit for optimal operation.

If you have a humidifier and you have not had your system serviced there may be a back up in the drain tube. Occasionally there is a back up in the condensate line which needs to be cleaned out by a professional.

Check to make sure you have power to your unit, make sure the breaker isn’t off. Sometimes the thermostat batteries can cause the unit to fail, make sure the batteries in the thermostat are good. Or give us a call at 269-345-1843 we would be happy to help.

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