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Five Ways to Reduce Energy Costs This Summer

  1. Ensure proper thermostat placement

Most importantly, you should ensure your thermostat is out of the way of direct sunlight. Besides being out of the sun, it should be installed in the main, open part of your home. If your thermostat gets hit by the sun, it will likely believe the internal temperature is higher than it is and run your air conditioning unnecessarily.

  1. Use fans

Most fans use less energy than central air conditioning units. Having a ceiling fan or portable fan in the areas of your home where you and your family hang out, can help you feel cooler without having to lower the thermostat.

  1. Set the temperature for maximum efficiency

There are many people who believe that you should always have the thermostat set to the temperature you prefer, even while you’re away. This comes from the idea that the energy your air conditioning unit uses to kick back on negates the savings from increasing the temperature while you’re away. This isn’t true in most cases as evidenced in part by the increase in popularity of programmable thermostats that increase temperature while you and your family are away and lower it right before you get home.

  1. Block out the sun

Some home’s windows are in more direct sunlight than others. For homes that don’t get a lot of sun coming in the windows, simple blinds or curtains will probably work for blocking out the sun. If your home has windows that see a lot of sunlight, it may be worth investing in light blocking blinds and shades.

  1. Schedule an energy audit

It may be a good idea to schedule an energy audit. Many utility companies will perform them for free. If you want to do an audit yourself, go outside and check out your windows and doors and see if you can feel cold air escaping.

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