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Get Your Fireplace Ready This Fall

At JP Heating and Air Conditioning, we not only offer standard heating and cooling units, but fireplaces as well. Say hello to cooler weather by getting your fireplace ready for Fall! We offer indoor and outdoor, wood burning and gas fireplaces for any budget. To take care of your fireplace, you will need to keep it cleaned and serviced. Below are some tips for regular fireplace maintenance.

Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace

To keep your fireplace burning efficiently, you will need to clean the interior regularly. This gets rid of excess buildup that can harm your health and your fireplace. You will also need to burn the right type of wood, hardwood being one of the best. It is imperative to regularly inspect your chimney to make sure that it has a clear airway for particles and smoke to pass through. In addition to checking the chimney, it is also just as important to check the cap on top to make sure that it is not allowing anything down the chimney. With an annual inspection and regular maintenance, your fireplace will remain a light of joy!


For an outdoor wood burning fireplace, you will need to keep plants and foliage trimmed and cut back to avoid fire hazards. Use creosote sweeping logs to loosen the creosote so that you can clean it. Sweep out any debris or left-over burned wood.

Indoor Gas Fireplace

Although, gas fireplaces require less maintenance than wood burning fireplaces, they still need it. It is important to keep the glass clean and checked for scratches that could make the glass lose strength and break. Clean the inside and outside of the firebox as well to keep it in a safe condition. You will also want to make sure the outside vent is clear of potential hazardous materials. A positive to gas fireplaces is there is no daily cleanup or upkeep like a wood burning fireplace. You can clean it yourself and it just requires annual checkups.


Turn off the gas before maintenance. Make sure your exhaust fan is always working and the ventilation system is open. Clean the fake logs with a soft-bristled brush at least once a month to remove soot and ash.

No matter the type of fireplace you have, JP Heating and Air Conditioning can help. We partner with Superior and Napoleon Fireplaces to provide you with the best options. We provide service and installation for all your fireplace needs. So, sit back and enjoy the ambience of your fireplace this Fall!

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