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Whole-home humidifiers in Kalamazoo

Many homeowners don’t fully understand the absolute importance of humidification – the process of adding moisture to the air – for complete indoor comfort. This is likely because the word humidity is associated with thick, muggy air that causes discomfort on hot summer days. While it is true that having too much moisture in the air causes problems, when controlled properly, whole home humidifiers provide incredible benefits to your home, health, and comfort.

We have found that the Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier is an extremely effective way to add the right amount of humidity to your home’s air and curb the issues caused by the reduction of relative humidity which causes dry air. In places like Kalamazoo, dry air is significantly more common during the heating season in the winter because the relative humidity of the chilly outside air plummets when brought through your ducts and heated.

Why is having dry air in your home such a problem?

According to medical professionals and other experts, whole home humidity control is often recommended to thwart the damage dry air can cause.


  • Cold and flu viruses flourish in low humidity environments. This means that you’re less likely to come down with upper respiratory sickness with properly humidified air
  • Allergy and asthma sufferers are negatively affected
  • Some people are more likely to get an infection
  • It can cause bloody noses, dry mouth, dry eyes, sore throats, cracked skin, and painful static shocks


  • Walls, hardwood floors, and woodwork can crack
  • Electronics can break due to static electric charges
  • Dry air means you’re more likely to turn up the thermostat which means high heating bills

Why JP Heating & Air Conditioning chooses Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier

There are many benefits to whole-home humidifiers that are installed centrally to your heating and cooling system like Aprilaire. An overabundance of moisture can be as detrimental as overly dry air. This system continuously monitors the relative humidity in your entire home and ensures the right amount of moisture is created, which is something that portable units cannot do.

Aprilaire had steam and evaporative humidifiers that bring moisture into your home through water vapor. This prevents damaging minerals from coming into your home’s air and into your lungs. Not least of all, whole-home humidifiers are easily maintained whereas portable units require contact attention.

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