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The Mini-Split System vs. Zone System

When looking to purchase a mini-split or zone heating and air conditioning system, you will need to think about if your home has previous ductwork or not. Although, both systems can remotely control individual rooms, they are made for these certain home differences. If your home currently has little or no duct work, you will need to get the mini-split system. For those with ductwork, the zone system will be best for you.

Mini-Split System

A mini-split system is a heating and air conditioning system that lets you control the temperature and climate in separate rooms of your home with little to no duct work. It works by using an outdoor compressor and indoor air handling units, known as evaporators. Through a small hole in the wall, we connect these two components using communication cables, copper tubing, and a condensation drain line.

This system not only provides whole home heating and air conditioning but is a perfect add-on to houses that do not have a ducted heating system or areas where adding duct work may be difficult and costly. Mini-split systems also reduce energy costs that arise in central AC systems through the duct work. Duct losses can account for over 30% of energy use in a central AC. Fujitsu mini-split systems are more energy efficient than window mounted AC units and let you keep each room set at a customized temperature through remote access and timers.

Zone System

Zone systems are set up for both heating and cooling as well but with a few differences from the mini-split system. This system uses mechanical dampers inside of the air ducts to control the flow of heated and cooled air throughout your home. Thermostats and wireless zoning sensors are placed in each zone to monitor and control the mechanical dampers to provide you with the perfect temperature for each zone. Our zone systems are connected to one heating and cooling system.

Using a zone control system will increase the energy efficiency of your home as well which in turn reduces your energy costs because you’re not heating or cooling the areas of your home that aren’t occupied. A professionally installed zone control system can also prevent your home from having hot or cool spots by providing you with your desired heating and cooling for each zone in your home by utilizing thermostats for each section!

If you would like more information on mini-split or zone control systems, including how they work or how much they cost, do not hesitate to contact JP Heating and Air Conditioning.

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