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Types of Water Heaters from JP Heating & Air Conditioning

Atmospheric Vent

Atmospheric venting water heaters work by heating fuel which then warms your water. The pressure from the combustion is pushed through a pipe and out of your chimney. Atmospheric venting water heaters do not use electricity and will work in a power outage. They are also inexpensive and easy to replace. However, they are not the most efficient option as not all of the fuel is used to heat your water and is expelled with the gases through your chimney.


Storage water heaters are the most common type of central hot water heating systems. They operate by holding varying amount of hot water (dependent on tank size). That hot water is released from the top and replaced by cold water at the bottom, so the tank is always full. Many different fuel sources can be used. Storage water heaters are not the most energy efficient as water is heated in the tank even when it’s not in use.

Power Vent

Power venting water heaters are more efficient than atmospheric or storage varieties because they use a fan to push excess gas through venting pipes and out your chimney – so all the fuel is used to heat your water. However, unlike the atmospheric vent, the fan is powered by electricity so it will not operate in a power outage.

Power-Direct Vent

Power-direct venting water heaters are a great option for circumstances where there is an insufficient amount of air inside your home for combustion and you require installation flexibility. Power-direct vents bring in air from outside through a vent pipe while a motorized blower pushes the exhaust outside. These water heaters can vent vertically or horizontally and are Energy Star® qualified.


Tankless water heaters create hot water only as its needed without a storage tank. While you do not need to wait for the tank to fill with an adequate amount of hot water, there is an output limit that means you may not be able to use hot water for two or more applications simultaneously. Tankless water heaters can be used for whole home applications or for remote bathrooms, hot tubs, or appliances. They’re highly efficient and can result in significant energy savings.

At JP Heating & Air Conditioning, we install and maintain water heaters made by Bradford White. These heaters can use many different fuel sources. If you are in need of a hot water heater and want to discuss your options, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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